BTF-CS: Bicycle Tube Filling

Cycling 7,000 km without punctures or under-inflated tyres?

It is possible with the “Dutch Perfect No Flat Tyre with cell material-filled tube” bicycle tyre.
No punctures, guaranteed!

This new tyre is perfectly suited for city cycling and other short distances. It is also ideal for rent-a-bike companies and company bicycles as this product is maintenance-free.

Process information
A machine fills the tube with a light-weight material. This durable material has a fine cell structure, thereby providing a pleasant cycling experience.

The tyre, i.e. the No Flat Tyre, is of an extremely high quality and offers a long service-life. The tube, thanks to the fine cell structure, is porosity-free. The pressure level is maintained, even when cycling through sharp-pointed objects or e.g. when the tyre is slashed. Flat or under-inflated tyres are a thing of the past!

The tyres ride like fully-inflated tyres and offer the same rolling resistance and springy and absorbing effect.



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